The Elements Chenin Blanc 2022er (6 x 0,75l)
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General info
This wine is made of 100% chenin blanc. The Cape's winegrowing regions are influenced by one of the two big oceans which meet at the southermost tip of Africa: the Atlantic and the Indian ocean. This results in a moderate Mediterranean climate. The vines grow on a sandy soil with low nutrient and water-retention properties.

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A family company, founded in 1762

At the foot hills of the Vosges, just below the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle, the Biecher family established their wine cellar in the village of Saint-Hippolyte in 1762.

The family owns vineyards in the middle of Alsace, and each generation has contributed to prosperity of the company. Today, the company, run by Olivier Biecher, are among the top French wine companies and employed 30 peoples.

Punctuality, reliability and versatility

Vins Biecher is renowned for its punctuality, reliability and versatility. Those are the keys of the success and as a result, we proudly bottled 16 million liters of wine per year.

Historically, Vins Biecher has always been at the advance on new technologies and packaging. Also, we have been one of the first company to produce Bag-in-Box, Alsace 187ml or 250ml.

Today the bottling options range from PET, bag-in-the box, 185ml bottles, 250ml bottles, 750ml bottles, to 1 litre bottles. Bottle shapes include Alsatian, Burgundian or Bordeaux. State of the art premises and technology ensure high standards of wine production, bottling and management of logistics.

With 6000 sqm bottling facility, 6 million liter tank capacity and 34 000 sqm storage, the winery offer conveniences and top performances. 

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